Supreme Court does not exclude possibility of reconsideration of Chelah case

Astana. January 22. KazTAG - Life term convicted Vladislav Chelah can use the procedure of application to the chairman of the Supreme Court asking to reconsider the judicial acts in his respect, said Larisa Shepeleva, judge of judicial collegium on criminal cases of the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan.
"There is a procedure of application to the chairman of the Supreme Court asking to order reconsideration of judicial acts in his respect. This stage can be applied by Chelah," she said to the journalists.
In this case, she said, the chairman of the Supreme Court brings it to consideration of the judicial collegium, but he does not take the procedural decision, which is in the authority of the judicial collegium. She added that she does not exclude repeated application to the UN committee.
"In this situation I cannot reply for the UN committee, but I think it is not excluded. At any case they consider eligibility of a complaint. I think they will give an estimation in the result of repeated application, whether he has the right or not," she added.
After announcement of the decision of the judicial collegium about rejection of the case consideration she confirmed, the decision was taken unanimously by judges Abay Rakhmetulin, A. Nurbekov and by her.
"Yes, it was (taken anonymously-KazTAG). I can say not only as a judge, but as a citizen, that before the cassation consideration of the case, of course I heard about Chelah's case, but I did not read the judicial acts, I was not familiar with the files. I had uncertain attitude to them, taking in account ambiguity of opinions concerning this case. But when I learnt the files of the case, the judicial acts, I think, the judicial acts are truly lawful, justified and fair," she said.

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