Supreme Judicial Council of Kazakhstan recommended replacing chairman of criminal cases panel

Date: 15:42, 04-07-2019.

Almaty. July 4. KazTAG -  The Supreme Judicial Council (SCC)  of Kazakhstan recommends changing the chairman of the criminal cases panel, said the SJC press service.
“On July 3, 2019 under the leadership of Donakov T.S.,  Chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice regular meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council (...) was held. The council recommended a candidate for appointment to the post of chairman of the judicial department of criminal cases of the Supreme Court. 34 judges received recommendations for dismissal on various grounds. 17 of them kept their positions and will be appointed to other judicial posts (...). The results of the competition for the vacant judicial posts announced on December 21, 2018 were summed up at the council meeting. According to its results, 103 candidates were recommended for taking vacant positions," reads the report.
At the same time, the press service explained that the meeting did not consider the question of changing the chairman of the Almaty City Court.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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