Suspect of fatal traffic accident detained in Uralsk

Almaty. November 21. KazTAG - The suspect of a fatal traffic accident has been detained in Uralsk, reports My City portal
"The suspect was detained several hours after the accident. He is aged 33 and has a criminal record. He left the scene of the accident and hid his Audi A6 in the summer houses village "Cherry garden". First he denied his fault, but then confessed. He has been taken to pretrial detention facility," said Merlan Aikenov, head of police department of Uralsk.
He said almost 100% of police personnel were involve in the search operation.
"When the policemen came to the driver he said his car had been stolen. The police officers interrogated the neighbors who saw him driving, but then he had another version and finally confessed. The man has a criminal record," he added.
As it was reported, 10 years old girl was run over at the zebra crossing in Uralsk on November 20. The girl died before the ambulance arrived.

Photo source: picture from an open source