Swindler hiding in Ukraine was extradited to Kazakhstan

Astana. September 27. KazTAG – A swindler hiding in Ukraine has been extradited to Kazakhstan, reports the Prosecutor General’s Office.
“The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine decided to extradite the Kazakhstan citizen, who evaded the execution of the sentence of a Kazakh court. In 2017, the court found this citizen guilty of committing fraud on an especially large scale and sentenced him to a suspended sentence. In 2019, the man having violated the restrictions imposed on him by the court, in order to evade serving his sentence, disappeared and was put on the wanted list. In August, the wanted man was detained on the territory of Ukraine by law enforcement agencies of that country. Today, employees of the Prosecutor General’s Office and Interpol of Kazakhstan, with the assistance of the embassies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey, extradited the man to our country,” reported the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Photo source: picture from an open source