Syroyezhkin, convicted for treason, is to file an appeal - politologist

Almaty. November 1. KazTAG - Andrey Chebotarev, director of research center Alternative, said that Konstantin Syroyezhkin, convicted for treason, has been persuaded to file an appeal.
"I can only say that as far as I communicate with his close friends, he has been persuaded to file an appeal, I think this decision is right," said Chebotarev in the discussion club answering the question of Sergey Duvanov.
As it was reported, the specialized interdistrict court on criminal cases of Almaty sentenced Syroyezhkin to 10 years imprisonment for treason on October 7.
He has been deprived of the citizenship of Kazakhstan. He will serve the sentence in the maximum security prison. After serving the sentence he will be deported from Kazakhstan.

Photo source: picture from an open source