T. Rakhimbekov about arrest of head of Farmers Union: probably it was someone's revenge

Almaty. February 15. KazTAG - Toleutay Rakhimbekov, ex minister of agriculture of Kazakhstan, executive director of the National union of agricultural associations, said he is shocked with the news about detention of Auezkhan Darinov, chairman of the Farmers Union.
"Mass media reported about detention of Auezkhan Darinov, head of Farmers Union of Kazakhstan charged sexual abuse, I was shocked about the news. The opinions in Facebook are unanimous: probably it was a set-up. The charges are absurd- Auezkhan Kameshevich is aged almost 70! He has a good family, father of 4 children and grandpa of 6 grandchildren," wrote T. Rakhimbekov in Facebook page.
He added he has known A. Darinov for over 10 years.
“Always reserved, calm, prudent, Auezkhan Kameshevich spoke competently. I cannot say the relationships have always been ideal. Sometimes we argued, sometimes, on matters of principle. But one thing I can say for sure: he is a person who worries with his heart and soul for our villages and our agriculture," he said.
He added A. Darinov managed to turn the Farmers Union into an authoritative organization.
“Perhaps someone wanted to take revenge on him. I believe our law enforcement bodies will conduct a fair investigation, ” T. Rakhimbekov concluded.

Photo source: picture from an open source