Tajikistan sent official note to Kyrgyzstan in connection with incident at the border

Date: 03:48, 11-07-2014.

Almaty. July 11. KazTAG - Tajikistan sent a note to Kyrgyzstan to investigate the accident at the border, reports the Tajikistan Telegraph Agency (TajikTA).

"In connection with the past events, Tajikistan side sent an official note to Kyrgyzstan side to investigate the circumstances of the accident," reads the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tajik Foreign Ministry reports that according to the available information on July 10 at the territory of land allocated to the cooperative farm "Vorukh" Isfara region of Tajikistan, Tajik citizens were laying mains.

" Kyrgyz border guards serving at the post" Tamdyk ", located on the inconsistent part of the border, approached them and began to behave provocatively in respect of the civilians, insulting them in every possible way and pushing the illegal demand to stop work and leave the area. Tajik border guards stationed nearby tried to stop the actions of their Kyrgyz colleagues ",  reads the message.

In response, the Kyrgyz border guards "suddenly opened fire with automatic weapons." As a result, seven civilians and one border guard of Tajikistan suffered gunshot wounds. One Tajik citizen  died at the scene.

The Foreign Minister indicated that the Tajik border guards did not fire a single shot.

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