Teacher from Kostanay named updated educational program as "tough experiment"

Date: 08:39, 18-10-2019.

Almaty. October 18. KazTAG - Aliya Akhetova, teacher from Kostanay, said the updated educational program is "a tough experiment".
"I would say it is a very painful, tough and evil experiment. Children are not interested, they have no aspiration, they are not interested in every subject, they just wait for a summative test just to get a mark there. A mark has always been a method of moral and material stimulus for children. Last year children found ready answers to the summative tests on the Internet. It turns out again we see lie," she said in the interview to the Russian TV channel CBS.
She added that the words of the vice minister of education sating that: Teachers are provided with everything they need - is also false.
"Let’s start from the false phrase of the vice minister of education who said: "Teachers are provided with everything". It is false. It is absolutely false. In general, we live in the country where words are worth more than actions. What have they supported me with? Our retired teachers who may not work, have bought printers at their expense on their pension, I need a printer too, a good one costs 45 000 tenge and I cannot afford it," she said.
She added that teachers are not allowed to cover the table with a white tablecloth and put flowers in the vase at the exams as it is considered as corruption. Teachers, she said, have to repair broken locks, doors and windows at their expense.

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