Third part of complains on feeling sick following measles vaccination connected with individual reaction- doctors

Date: 14:24, 04-03-2015.

Astana. March 4. KazTAG - 30% of complains on feeling sick following measles vaccination are connected with individual response of teenagers, said Gulnara Kulkayeva, director of department of medical aid organization of the Ministry of Health Care and Social Protection.
"It was planned to vaccinate about 900 000 teenagers aged 15-19, as of February 19, the moment of vaccination suspension- 59.5%, or more than 523 000 people had been vaccinated. Out of 523 000 vaccinated teenagers we received 294 applications. Of them, almost 30% were not connected with the vaccine, they were connected with individual reaction after vaccination, i.e. the reaction on the injection," she said at the round table dedicated to immunization.
"It can be connected with peculiarities of teen age, such things happen especially in the period of mass immunization campaign," she added.

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