Three of four types of insect repellent Palach are not registered in Kazakhstan

Date: 10:56, 10-12-2019.

Almaty. December 10. KazTAG - Three of four types of Palach insect repellent are not registered in Kazakhstan, said Aizat Modagasimova, head of department for control of quality and safety of goods and services.
"There are four types of Palach available on the markets of Almaty. Three of them are not registered, they are not in the register of products allowed for sale, one is registered. The one which is registered is not in sale. The monitoring revealed that there is original Palach and its duplicates. The duplicates are almost two fold cheaper," she said.
In her words, another insect repellent was discovered in the flat of poisoned people.
"We have additionally checked the air in the flat. We checked the type of Palach which was used in the flat. We discovered another repellent which was opened, it is called Fas-double. Unfortunately we cannot reveal in which concentration they were used as the mother and her son are in serious condition. Their condition has improved a little, but their current condition does not let us interrogate them," she said.
She added there is still acrid ordour in the flat of the family.
She said Palach was withdrawn from sale until completion of investigation.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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