Timetable of flights may be corrected due to fog in Almaty

Almaty. January 5. KazTAG - Timetable of flights may be changed due to fog in Almaty, reports the international airport.
"Due to fog in the area of the international airport of Almaty the timetable of flights may be corrected. At the moment the visibility is 30/100 meters, air temperature -5. We recommend checking the timetable in the directory office of your air company," said the message.
Now the airport is working in the routine mode.
"The III category ICAO certificate provides us an opportunity to operate in the conditions of limited visibility: we accept aircrafts under reduction of horizontal visibility to 75 meters, and aircrafts can depart under reduction to 125 meters in case the crew and the aircrafts have the same category. However, not all the air companies have this permit," said the message.

Photo source: picture from an open source