Tokayev was reported about problems due to Kazakhtelecom's monopoly and communal slavery

Date: 09:18, 27-01-2021.

Astana. January 27. KazTAG - Serik Zhumangarin , chairman of the Agency for  Protection and Development of Competition reported to Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, about the problems arising from the monopoly of Kazakhtelecom JSC and communal slavery, reports the press-service of the Prime Minister.
"The Kazakhtelecom company controls cable ducts and fiber-optic communication lines. There is a question of how to access this cable duct for laying cables, and for fiber-optic lines. This significantly complicates the development of new or the scaling of existing, mainly digital types of business for practically 19 million market in Kazakhstan, "Zhumangarin said.
He gave an example of Kazakhtelecom, speaking about two important tasks for 2020.
“The first task is to solve three interrelated regulatory barriers to the development of competition, which are a consequence of government influence on the economy. First of all, these are issues of availability and access to “key capacity”. "Key Capacity" is an infrastructure or facility with no access to which competitors cannot provide their services to consumers," he said.

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