Top management team of Utemuratov in Alliance Bank is trying to repeat the case of the BTA

Date: 04:25, 16-06-2014.

Almaty. June 16. KazTAG - Executive businessman Bulat Utemuratov and his top management in Alliance Bank by restructuring its obligations is trying to implement tactics, tried and tested in due time in BTA Bank, says financial analyst Sergei Zelepukhin KazTAG agency.
Thus, according to financial reports, last year the Alliance graduated with a major loss of $ T85 billion Thus Agency analyst wondered: where did such a large "hole" appear from in the capital of the Alliance? As it turned out that was due to an increase in provisions for bad loans.
But what made the current leadership of the Alliance to significantly increase the level of reserves and recognize the existence of an even greater share of problem loans? By assumption, a journalist, it may be primarily due to the bank's negotiations with foreign creditors on repeating debt restructuring .
"I must say that such schemes are negative for the investment climate, but quite effective in dealing with creditors, because if they do not agree on debt restructuring, it is not at risk of losing part, and all the funds invested in the bank, "- he said.
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