Top manager of Caspiy Electronics sentenced 6 years imprisonment

Date: 08:19, 14-05-2014.

Aktau. May 14. KazTAG - Alexander Pavlenko, deputy director of Caspiy Eletronics Ltd, has been sentenced 6 years imprisonment in Aktau.

"Aktau city court announced the verdict on the case of swindle in respect of the management of Caspiy Electronics Ltd and Caspiy SBC," said KazTAG reporter.

Alexander Pavlenko, deputy director of Caspiy Electronics has been adjudged guilty of swindle using his post and sentenced 6 years imprisonment with property confiscation.

Yergali Kaupov, deputy chairman of Caspiy SBC, has been sentenced 3 years imprisonment but amnestied.

On the episode of more than 121 mln tenge embezzlement both defendants were justified due to absence of component elements of crime.

As reported, financial police of Mangistau region instituted criminal case against the management of Caspian Electronics. The company initiated a project of tablet computers production, which, according to the investigation, was a swindle in respect of the state.

The investigation revealed the plant did not produce a single product out of planned 67 000 tablet computers, 40 000 TV sets and 43 000 screens. Instead of that the plant purchased the products in China.


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