Tourist from Kazakhstan detained in Italy on suspicion of vandalism in Pompeii

Astana. June 24. KazTAG – A tourist from Kazakhstan was detained in Italy on suspicion of committing vandalism in Pompeii, Euronews reports.
“A tourist from Kazakhstan was detained on Saturday morning by security officers after he carved the letters ALI into light-colored plaster in the House of Cei in the Archaeological Park of Pompeii,” the museum’s PR office said.
The incident was reported to a stationary police post located next to the park, after which the offender was detained.
“He will have to compensate for the damage caused to the architectural monument. The exact amount of damage will be announced after a technical examination,” the statement said.
According to the archaeological park, the House of Zeev, excavated in 1913-1914, is one of the rare examples of an ancient dwelling from the late Samnite period (2nd century BC).

Photo source: picture from an open source