Traffic limited in Almaty down many streets due to repair works

Date: 05:54, 02-06-2014.

Almaty. June 2. KazTAG - Traffic is limited in Almaty down many streets due to repair works, reports the department of internal affairs.

"Administrative police of DIA of Almaty informs people about some inconveniences in the central streets of the city. Due to repair works traffic is hampered in some streets," reads the message.

Due to repair of heating line the traffic is hampered in Kurmangazy street from Chaikovskiy to Valikhanov, down Mametov streetfrom Nauryzbay batyr to Valikhanov, down Markov streetfrom Al Farabi to Popov street. Thee repair works will last until mid September. 

Water line is being repaired down Toraigyrov streetfrom Sain to Mustafin, down Shalyapin streetfrom Momyshuly to Beregovoy street, down Altynsarin from Zhandosov to Kabdolov street. The works are planed to be finished in June.

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