Traffic regulations have been tightened in Kazakhstan

Astana. May 21. KazTAG — Requirements for traffic rules have been tightened in Kazakhstan, reports the Central Communications Service under the President.

“A bill has been developed that establishes the concept of an electric scooter, the rules of movement, as well as the rights and responsibilities of their drivers. These measures made it possible to streamline their movement, and the police now have specific mechanisms to influence this category of traffic participants,” - the report said on Tuesday.

It is also indicated that crossing a single solid line was equivalent to entering the oncoming lane; the speed of buses in a populated area decreased to 50 km/h.

“Recording of mopeds, mokiks and scooters is not currently maintained, responsibility for violations is insignificant, the total fine is  T11 thousand. It is proposed to introduce their mandatory state registration and the introduction of a driver’s license of category A1, issued from the age of 16,” - said the chairman of the administrative police committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs RK Kaisar Sultanbayev.

Photo source: picture from the open source