Transnational companies evade taxes in Kazakhstan- Smailov

Date: 14:29, 06-02-2020.

Astana. February 6. KazTAG - Transnational companies evade taxes in Kazakhstan, said Alikhan Smailov, First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan.
"Transnational companies use the regulations of various bilateral tax conventions, they aspire to evade taxes, to withdraw the profits to the regions with privileged taxation. The multilateral convention on implementation of measures relating tax agreements amends the bilateral agreements ”, he said.
In his words, the convention also concerns the revenues of nonresidents which they get in Kazakhstan. He added it is necessary to start counteracting tax evasion and withdrawal of capital.
"The convention was adopted in late 2016. We have analyzed more than 20 bilateral conventions, partly their regulations. But some regulations have not been taken into account due to complicated negotiations process, and due to reluctance of our partners to adopt this or that regulation. Up to date 92 states have joined the convention, 38 have ratified it, we are on the way to ratification, we will take into account all the controversial regulations," he said.

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