Troops entered Slavyansk city in Ukraine; terrorists attack smashed in Kramatorsk airport

Date: 02:17, 16-04-2014.

Almaty. April 16. KazTAG - Troops have entered Slavyansk city in Donetsk region in Ukraine; terrorists attack has been smashed in Kramatorsk airport, reports the Unian news agency.

"Ukrainian troops entered Slavyansk city where separatists and Russian diversionists are acting: (...) about 500 soldiers, 20 APCs, 2 helicopters, several buses," reads the news agency.

Mobile communication is working with interruptions in the city, the Ukrainian army blocked access to Slavyansk.

"A big amount of armor has been delivered to the city, entries and exits from the city have been blocked, there has been no shooting," said Sergey Tsyplakov, representative of so called "People's militia of Donbass".

Nelya Shtepa, head of Slavyansk administration, told journalists that the fighters who came to the city gave people thousands of automatic weapons and hundreds of grenade dispensers.

According to the data of "Informational Resistance" group, extremists attempted to seize the airport nearby Slavyansk, however faced armed resistance.

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