Turchinov claims to resume special operation in Eastern Ukraine

Almaty. April 23. KazTAG - Interim President of Ukraine, chairman of Supreme Rada Alexander Turchinov claimed the security officials to resume anti-terror arrangements, reports the Ukrainian National News.

"I claim the security officials to resume and conduct efficient anti-terror arrangements which will protect the Ukrainian people from terrorists living in the East of Ukraine," he said.

He reminded the bodies of two people were found not far from Slavyansk on April 22.  One of them was missing deputy of Gorlovsk city, member of Batkovshina party Vladimir Rybak, who had been kidnapped by terrorists.

"Terrorists factually took the whole Donetsk region hostages, crossed the border, killing patriots of Ukraine. They severely challenged not only our country but all the world community when they demonstratively outraged the decisions taken in Geneva," he said.