Turkey plans to access CU market through Kyrgyzstan

Date: 07:14, 28-05-2014.

Almaty. May 28. KazTAG - Turkey plans to access the market of the Customs Union through Kyrgyzstan, reports the KyrTAG news agency,

"If Kyrgyzstan enters the CU, Turkey may increase its presence in Kyrgyzstan. Turkeywill get a chance to deliver its goods through Kyrgyzstan to the CU states," said Akhmet Kaya, chair of trade industrial chamber of Turkey.

In his words, Turkish businessmen are actively learning the question of plants and factories construction in Kyrgyzstan. "For example we can import gas stoves and ovens to Russia. It is more profitable for us to construct plants and factories in Kyrgyzstan instead of importing goods directly from here to Russia. We can make goods in Kyrgyzstan and in three days they can be delivered by train to Russia," he said.

Turkeyis also interested in construction of hydroelectric stations in Kyrgyzstan.

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