Two-year-old girl fell into coma after visiting a dentist in Nur-Sultan

Date: 10:11, 08-01-2020.

Almaty. January 8. KazTAG - A two-year-old girl fell into a coma after visiting a dentist in Nur-Sultan.
“I and my child, 2.5 years old, came to Doctor Bro clinic on December 26 to treat caries for my daughter. They took a general blood test and a coagulogram. Before that we had extracted a tooth in Children's hospital No.2, the dentist said that there was no need for a test. I asked several times whether something other than “Sevoran” would be used. They said that no other medicines would be used. When everything happened, it turned out that "Ubistezin" and "Esmeron" were used. What happened was not supposed to happen, the child has been in coma for 11 days! ” said the girl’s mother Anastasia Zelenaya in social networks.
Now she and the child are staying in the infectious diseases hospital. According to the woman, the child has no city registration, the national scientific center for motherhood and childhood refused to accept them, while the Ministry of Health has been deciding where to transfer the child for two days now.
“Now neuropathologist declared a preliminary diagnosis of brain stem death. EEG shows a low-amplitude activity of the brain, that is, if this diagnosis was correct, then there would be an isoline, the child moves her legs, responds to pain in the toes, the hemodynamics are stable, the temperature is normal, the pressure and  the heartbeat is normal," she said.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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