UN declares threat of nuclear terrorism for humankind

Date: 13:50, 29-04-2019.

Almaty. April 29. KazTAG - The UN declares a real threat of nuclear terrorism for humankind, reports the press-service of the organization.
"There is a risk that terrorists can get access to nuclear and radioactive materials - it is a real threat to humankind, international peace and security. Unfortunately, we know that the probability that such materials will get in hands of terrorists is real," said Vladimir Voronkov, head of counter-terror UN department.
The UN and European Union declaring the initiative of prevention of nuclear terror acts, have called the states to ratify and perform measures of the international convention on combat with terror acts. It was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2005. Up to date it has been ratified by 115 states.
"The joint project will be performed during the next three years. The EU has resolved to allocate 5 mln euro for it. The UN repeatedly stated that the states must enhance international cooperation to  provide security of nuclear and other radioactive materials and prevent them from getting to "black markets," said the organization.

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