Uzbekistan and EU established cooperation in combating effects of the Aral Sea drying

Date: 15:31, 27-03-2019.

Almaty. March 27. KazTAG - Uzbekistan and the European Union (EU) have established  cooperation in combating the consequences of the Aral Sea drying, reports the Uzbek Telegraph Agency (UzTAG).
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a delegation of Uzbekistan headed by deputy minister of investment and foreign trade Badriddin Abidov visited Brussels on March 24-26. During the visit, meetings were held with a number of high-ranking EU representatives.
“The main issue on the agenda of the talks was to determine the prospects for cooperation with  Europe in the framework of the Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Human Safety for the Aral Sea Region in Uzbekistan,” the report says.
The representatives of the EU and Belgium reported that they supported the initiative of Uzbekistan and the United Nations to establish the fund and are committed to establishing long-term cooperation in reducing the negative effects of the Aral Sea drying.
The parties have agreed that an EU delegation led by Special Representative Peter Burian would visit the Aral Sea region to study the needs of Uzbekistan and prepare recommendations for EU institutions and member states on cooperation opportunities with Uzbekistan.

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