Vice Secretary of Security Council of Russia: NATO preparing “color revolutions" in CSTO states

Almaty. July 3. KazTAG - Rashid Nurgaliyev, Vice Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, said NATO is preparing "color revolutions" in the states of Collective Security Treaty Organization, reports Russian Newspaper.
"We have to remember that the contradictions with NATO are fundamental in their nature. It’s not a secret for us that NATO member-states are preparing the conditions to bring regimes to some CSTO states controlled by the West, including by provoking "color revolutions," said Nurgaliyev.
At the same time, he assured that the CSTO member states "are ready for fruitful cooperation with NATO".
“We have something to discuss. Including terrorist threat, illegal migration, and fight against terrorism. This year, on May 22, the foreign ministers of our countries signed an open appeal to the foreign ministers of the NATO member states on strengthening mutual trust and developing cooperation, ” he added.
Speaking of "color revolutions", he said that "cooperation of the third states with NATO always has anti-Russian component."
"Experience has proved it many times. In respect of the CSTO partners- the block is aimed to create disputes with our allies in the organization," he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source