Vice-Speaker of Majilis on the work with SBC: are you paid for sloppiness?

Date: 13:10, 11-01-2019.

Astana. January 11. KazTAG - Vice-Speaker of Majilis of Parliament, Vladimir Bozhko, has criticized the activities of social-business corporations (SBC), accusing them of inefficient work and sloppiness.
“In Pavlodar they proposed to compensate for shrinkage and damage from the budget. Well, how do you imagine this? You have been stoing there sloppily, did not apply new technologies, and should the budget pay you money for your sloppiness? You'd better invest in the creation of normal repositories, " he said at a round table in Parliament dedicated to :"The role of social-entrepreneurial corporations in development of small and medium-sized businesses in rural areas in the field of agricultural production and basis of uninterrupted provision of high-quality food products ".
The parliamentarian asked if there was anyone present at the meeting from the SBC of the East Kazakhstan region.
“Tell me, please, why did you privatize the communal market? You took it out from the main fund and privatized it, in the time when you kept shouting everywhere that you needed to provide direct access without intermediaries to the buyer. Why did you do this?" he asked.
The representative of the SBC from the East Kazakhstan region tried to explain that the market was put up for privatization according to the schedule of the Ministry of Finance.
"Don't say this! All the proposals in the privatization schedule - they do not refer to the Ministry of Finance, by the way, this is the Ministry of Economy  received them from you. You suggested - they  (MNE - KazTAG) introduced. Well, what did you think of when you privatized? And I'll tell you - there is real money, every day, sorry, someone needs it," he concluded.

Photo source: sputniknews

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