We are asking democratic forces to help rescue Kazakh state from corruption - Zhektoksan movement

Almaty. July 12. KazTAG - The activists of the public union Zheltoksan Akikaty making a picket in Almaty in support of Kazakh activist Serikzhan Bilash, have applied to the democratic forces asking "to help to rescue Kazakh state from corruption".
"We ask the European Parliament to help, the democratic states to rescue Kazakh state. Corruption will destroy Kazakhstan, while the patriots - Serikzhan Bilash, Aron Atabek, Maks Bojayev who were protecting their land were sent to prison, in the time when corruptionists are free and set people at naught," said Sailau Lepesov, chairman of Almaty department Zheltoksan Akikaty.
As it was reported, about 10 activists- participants of the events on December 16 1986 have gathered near Zheltoksan monument on the crossing of Zheltoksan and Satpayev streets in Almaty claiming release of the leader of organization for protection of rights of ethnic Kazakhs in China Atazhurt Eriktireli, who has been under house arrest. Picketers are claiming to stop prosecution against Bilash.
“Prosecution of Serikzhan is a prosecution of all the Kazakh people," reads the banner of the protestors.
They also recalled the activists recognized by the European Parliament as political prisoners indicating Aron Atabek, Maks Bokayev and other well-known figures.
No policemen have arrived to the scene. The picket is held peacefully.

Photo source: picture from an open source