We have built a successful state well known and respected throughout the world- Nazarbayev

Date: 11:38, 11-04-2019.

Astana. April 11. KazTAG - First president of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev said , "we have built a successful state well known and respected throughout the world".
"Having passed through all the challenges, we have built a successful state that is well knwon and respected all over the world. As a founder of modern Kazakhstan, I am worried about the future of our state and  well-being of  people," said Nazarbayev quoted by his press office from a meeting of the Security Council  chaired by the first president on Wednesday.
Opening the meeting, Nazarbayev noted that political events had called great interest in the world community.
“I want to express my gratitude to the wisdom and unity of the people of Kazakhstan, especially those who manifested themselves at this turning point in our history. On these days I have received a huge number of letters, telegrams of state and public figures, production teams of our country, a lot of telephone calls from the heads of foreign states and international organizations come in with an expression of support and approval, " he added.
The first president of Kazakhstan assured that the state will continue to maintain an elaborated course aimed at  prosperity and sustainable development of the country.
The chairman of the Security Council indicated importance of further implementation of strategic programs in the interests of the people of Kazakhstan.
“Systematic performance of the programs is a key condition for our development. We must continue working in order to provide people with housing, jobs, quality medical care and education, as well as support for those in need. All this is an investment in a bright future, " he concluded.
He stressed that today the country has good potential for further economic growth and overcoming global challenges.

Photo source: thediplomat.com

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