WHO advised to use experience of Kazakhstan in Ebola treatment

Date: 12:19, 20-11-2014.

Astana. November 20. KazTAG - Eugeniy Zhiburta, head of international community of transfusiologists in Eastern Europe and the CIS advised the World Health Organization to use the experience of Kazakhstan in the Ebola treatment.
"What is the method of treatment? The only method recommended by WHO is transfusion of blood plasma of recovered people. But people living in this region (the Ebola hotbed-KazTAG) are sick not only with the Ebola but they also have many other virus infections. Thus, the experience of Kazakhstan may be recommended to the WHO, who inactivate all the possible pathogens in blood plasma and blood disks which are transfused in the clinics of Kazakhstan," he said.
In his words, Kazakhstan has all the chances to become the first post-Soviet state conducting full inactivation of pathogens of blood disks.

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