Why fast-food expensive in Kazakhstan

Date: 12:11, 05-11-2014.

Almaty. November  5. KazTAG - An average Kazakhstani spends in fast-food restaurants  two dollars more than in the USA and Europe. So, a bill at a fast-food in Kazakhstan costs on average $7, while in the world it is just $5, informs LS referring to an owner of the  franchise  Burger King Samira Nashed.
As S. Nashed says, Kazakhstani raw products do not meet international quality standards, that is why they are imported from Brazil and other countries through Russia. Thus the final cost of the product is affected by logistics, for Kazakhstan has the ninth largest  territory  in the world but with low density. «Moreover, Kazakhstan’s  road infrastructure  is poor and in winter, due to bad weather conditions the delivery and transportation cost quite expensive,  about 20-25%», - said S. Nashed.

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