Widow of deceased policeman at roadblock in Almaty about suspect: he was policeman on duty

Date: 16:23, 26-05-2020.

Astana. May 26. KazTAG - Dinara Abdykanova, widow of Dastan Abdykanov, deceased policeman at the road block in Almaty, said that Azat Azamatov, suspect, was an operating police officer.
"It is not true (messages that Azamatov was a former policeman-KazTAG), he is on duty. He wasn't dismissed," she wrote in the social networks.
As it was reported, two policemen were killed at the roadblock after a man crashed into the barrier on May 25. According to the reports, Azamat Azamatov, culprit, may be an employee of the law enforcement bodies. It was reported, he was driving a BMW in a drunken condition. The police of Almaty refuted this version. Later a photo of the presumed culprit wearing a police uniform appeared on the Internet, while Saltanat Azirbek, spokesperson, said "this uniform is available in Voentorg store". Later, new evidences of Azamatov service in police appeared.
The police department of Almaty admitted on May 26 that Azamatov worked in police for six years, he had four disciplinary reprimands and was dismissed.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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