Witness on case of boy found at Eastern detour road in Almaty said she saw the accident

Almaty. April 30. KazTAG - A witness on the case of the boy found on the Eastern detour road in Almaty said she had seen the car and a boy lying nearby, said KazTAG reporter from the court's room.
"I went to the bus stop to go to work, I got on the bus and from the left window I saw a big black car and a small boy lying, there were two men standing nearby," said Nargiza Pashayeva, witness.
According to the witness, there was a metal bumper guard on the car.
In her words, police officers stopped the bus and asked if anyone had seen the accident, while none of the passengers replied.
The woman went to work and told her parents about the accident who contacted the relatives of the boy.
As it was reported, a jury court is hearing the case of Murat Askarogly, father of the boy, who was found unconscious at the Eastern detour road in Almaty.
The video showing a boy lying among the trees, who presumably suffered under the car wheels, was spread in social networks on July 16. According to the version the driver bumping the boy took the boy away from the accident and left in the bushes.
However, later the police said the boy had been presumably beaten by his father.

Photo source: picture from an open source