Witnesses of strike at Tengiz report about one killed Arab

Almaty. July 1. KazTAG - The witnesses of the strike at Tengiz has reported about one killed Arab.
"One Arab has died. People at the plant said that an Arab man died," said one witness.
In his words, he heard that 10 buses of young men were going on brawl from Kulsary to the plant where there was a strike.
"The road to Tengiz was blocked. (...) The workers (Kazakh-KazTAG) and Arabs were transported by buses from Tengiz to avoid more battles. Nobody was allowed to Tengiz. People who wanted to leave were evacuated," he said.
One video spread in the social networks showed a lying man on the ground with a comment: "He died".
About 1000 workers of 3GI plant at Tengiz went on a strike because of a publication made by an Arab man in the social networks.
The akimat of the Atyrau region reported that the workers of Сohsolited Contracting Endihering and Prourement S.A.L Offshore (CСЕР) gathered at the site to declare their discontent concerning the publication of Eli Daoud, citizen of Libya, who posted a photo in WhatsApp showing a young woman and Eli Daoud who was holding radio whose antenna was directed towards the woman.

Photo source: picture from an open source