Woman detained at Old Square in Almaty cut her veins in police bus

Date: 14:48, 10-06-2019.

Almaty. June 10. KazTAG - A woman detained at the Old Square in Almaty cut her veins in a police bus.
The woman, who expressed indignation at the fact that the police detained passers-by in the area of the Old Square, was seized by security officers and taken on a police bus. She had a blade with her with which she cut her veins. An ambulance was nearby. Now doctors are trying to help the woman who is almost unconscious.
There is no mobile Internet in the area.
Amantay Kazhy attended the scene and criticized the authorities, he also spoke in defense of mothers with many children, but could not comment on yesterday’s and today's detentions, as he didn’t see them, he said. After a short speech, he left. The police did not detain him.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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