Youth activists tried to deliver bags of manure to Kyrgyz MPs for the sluggishness in resolving the situation with gas supplies

Date: 10:04, 09-06-2014.

Almaty. June 9. KazTAG Youth activists detained to deliver bags of manure to deputies and ministers for the sluggishness in resolving the situation with gas supplies, transfers KirTAG.

"It’s almost two month with no gas in Osh. We cannot cook a hot meal. And there are old people, children who need good nutrition, as well as hospitals and kindergartens. We want to thank those officials who have brought us to such a life. We were told that we would not be left without gas for a single day, but we have o gas second month. Besides all, when we decided to express our dissatisfaction, police twisted and took us as criminals, "- said the representative of the youth wing of the opposition of People's Democratic Party of KR" Uluttar Birimdigi "on Monday.

Youth activists have decided to hand over bags of manure to police officers so that they passed them to their destination - the MPs and officials.

According to Deputy Chief of Bishkek police, all detainees will be taken to the police station for identification.

Recall, on  April 14 Uzbekistan cut off gas supplies to the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan. Despite all the efforts of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the question remains open.

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