Zenchenko about problems with entering the Russian market: Kazakhstan is like a toilet bowl for EAEU goods

Petropavlovsk. August 6. KazTAG -Gennady Zenchenko , well-known businessman - director-general of Zenchenko & K compared Kazakhstan with a toilet bowl for goods from the states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).
“Kazakhstan today is like a toilet bowl: everything can be brought here from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and we do not impose any restrictions. Look: today we have sausages, milk from  Belarus, Ukraine, Russia-  everything flows to us. The most important issue is that we have no control, ” Zenchenko said at a meeting of the regional export council in Petropavlovsk.
The entrepreneur was indignant at the fact that there was no reciprocal hospitality to Kazakhstani goods in Russia.
“The task was set there (albeit by oral order): Kazakhstan goods should not be allowed to go beyond the set quota of 2-3%. We are not talking about the whole territory of Russia, but about the border areas. We trade in Omsk through Kazmoltorg, we have been working for a year, there has been no increase in volume. We work with Kurgan: we had 13 tons of supply of dairy products in two days. Today, the volume has dropped to 3 tons, on the shelves you will not see our products there, because the new governor openly said: why do we need your goods on our shelves. Although people like our products - both in Kurgan and in Omsk," he said.
In addition, according to Zenchenko, documents preparation required by Russia need much time.

Photo source: picture from an open source