“Zhilstroysberbank” conducting financial operations only with national currency

Date: 12:09, 06-06-2014.

Almaty. June 6. KazTAG – “Zhilstroysberbank” Kazakhstan is working exclusively with the national currency of Kazakhstan-tenge, reports the press-service of the bank.

"Zhilstroysberbank” has been working only with the national currency- tenge. Housing loans are given in tenge, the bank's clients open deposits only in the national currency," reads the message.

It was decided to abandon operations with the foreign currency on December 4 2013.

“Zhistroysberbank” stopped exchange operations in cash with foreign currency on December 9 2013, the National Bank was notified about that," reads the message.

According to the management of the bank, shutting down of currency exchangers let the bank use its resources only for its core business - improvement of system of housing-construction savings, qualitative services on the program "Affordable housing -2020" and own products.

The bank indicated that the National Bank suspended the licenses of the bank for exchange operations in foreign currency on May 27 2014by the results of the planned check of the bank in the period November 1 2012-November 1 2013.

"Until the results of the check were announced the currency exchangers and service centers had been closed by the resolution of the management. “Zhilstroysberbank” will not resume their work," the press-service said.

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