After serving his sentence, Yertayev is going to lecture on how not to take embezzle

Date: 15:17, 28-09-2020.

Almaty. September 28. KazTAG - Ex-head of Bank RBK Zhomart Yertayev said in his last speech that, after serving his sentence he would lecture on happiness and how not to embezzle.
“What will I do when I am free? This question is constantly spinning in the head of every prisoner. For myself, I decided: I will do everything to finally pay off the affected party, take care of my family and friends. I will  to write books and give lectures on  "Never embezzle" and "What is true happiness." I think I will succeed," he said at the court's hearing.
At the same time, he noted that he deserved punishment.
“Forgetting that money does not bring happiness, unfortunately, I fell into the sin of acquisitiveness and self-interest. As a result, I lost almost everything: freedom, reputation, money. Probably, some people will say: "Do not repeat Yertayev's mistakes." Surely I deserve it. Only in understanding this does not make it easier for me. Indeed, at the very beginning of my career, I did not set the task of getting rich, I saw myself as a visionary, capable of changing the world for the better. Later I was seduced by a beautiful life. After 2.5 years I changed my mind a lot, I read a lot of books, I tried to regain the spirituality that I had previously lost, ”he said.

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