Almost 50 journalists detained and 17 attacked in Kazakhstan in 2019

Astana. January 20. KazTAG - Almost 50 journalists were detained and 17 attacked in Kazakhstan in 2019, reports Adil Soz, fund for freedom of speech.
"46 journalists were detained, 10 facts of intimidation of journalists and mass media were recorded, 17 journalists were attacked," reports the fund.
The fund also reported about charges and criminal prosecution of journalists: slander and insult - 26; dissemination of knowingly false information - seven; incitement to hatred - five; participation in activities of prohibited organizations - seven; insulting and using violence in respect of a government official - three.
“According to the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the General Prosecutor's Office of  Kazakhstan: for the first half of 2019, the courts of Kazakhstan completed 24 cases under Article 174 (incitement of social, national, tribal, racial, estate or religious hatred) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Of these: 18 sentences were pronounced; one case was closed. 26 people were accused, 19 people were convicted, 3 were acquitted," reads the report.
As of December 2019, 68 cases under Article 174 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan were registered. Cases on 59 offenses were sent to the court.

Photo source: picture from an open source