Owners of cars from Kyrgyzstan and Armenia gathered at protest action in several cities in Kazakhstan

Date: 18:30, 17-01-2020.

Almaty. January 17. KazTAG - The owners of the cars from Kyrgyzstan and Armenia gathered at the protest action in several cities of Kazakhstan.
The drivers met at the embankment in Aktau.
"More than a hundred of drivers have declared their indignation concerning registration of cars on foreign register," reports Lada newspaper.
Madiyar Omarov, head of local police, met the drivers.
"I understand your position. All your questions will be considered tomorrow. The main thing is that you have come with peaceful intentions and do not violate the public order. The action "Reception on the motorway" will be held tomorrow. You will be able to address your questions to police officers and representatives of the department of state revenues," he said.
About 250 drivers gathered in Zhanaozen near a trade-entertainment center Zhanaozen. Another protest action is planned on Friday in Uralsk.
"Today the drivers of cars with foreign plates will gather near the building of Nur Otan in Uralsk. Police are going to explain on the new regulations," reports Uralsk Week.
The Ministry of Interior Affairs had said that Armenian and Kyrgyz car staying in the state for more than one year will be deported from the state if they are not registered in Kazakhstan.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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