President of Kazakhstan criticized work of the Atyrau refinery

Date: 15:05, 18-06-2021.

Astana. June 18. KazTAG – Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, President of Kazakhstan, has criticized the work of  the Atyrau oil refinery,  large supplier of liquefied gas, Akorda reports.
“The enterprise has been working  intermittently, despite the fact that the modernization was completed in 2018. As a result, we see drop in the production of the entire line of petroleum products, including liquefied gas. This caused shortages and higher prices at gas stations. This situation has resulted in certain social tension. In this regard, I instruct the government to study the prospects for the growth of demand for liquefied gas and make proposals for the construction of additional capacities for its production. A separate issue is the gas distribution mechanism. Now this process is carried out in a “manual” and non-transparent mode, which leads to high corruption risks. In order to eliminate ineffective intermediaries and form market prices, electronic trading platforms were created. Their potential should be maximized. Government agencies and businesses must get used to working in a new way, ” he said.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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