Suspect of Denis Ten murder: Heaven received worthy angel

Date: 10:05, 17-01-2019.

Almaty. January 17. KazTAG - The suspects of Denis Ten murder made the last word in the court.
"As I said before I apologize to all people in Kazakhstan. To you, Oksana Alekseyevna (mother of Denis Ten-KazTAG)," said Zhanar Tolybayeva, suspect in the trial on Wednesday.
After a short pause, the mother of the deceased, Oksana Ten, intervened, turning to the defendant's lawyer: “Can you stop prompting? Will she repeat word by word? "
“Sit quietly!” said the judge.
“It is impossible to return your son, it is hard. But take into account the tears of the child who is waiting for me at home and the child that I carry under my heart. I have nothing to say," she said.
After her, suspect Nuraly Kiyasov spoke with the last word.
“I apologize to Oksana Ten. I also have a mother and a grandmother. I understand how you feel. We have deprived you of your beloved son and caused his death, but we did not intend to kill him. We also have mothers and fathers, for them it's also hard to see us here. They also suffer because their children are in the trial. But you say - this is murder for money, but that is not true. My father and grandfather do not need my income, as they breed cattle. I ask you to make a fair decision.  I do not want my parents to be blackened. From the very beginning of the trial people have been saying about them that they did not educate us, that we went a wrong way. I want to correct my mistakes myself. Please forgive me, ” said N. Kiyasov.
Suspect  Arman Kudaibergenov was the last to speak, asking the court to speak in Russian (the defendants chose Kazakh as a language of legal proceedings).
“I apologize again. I sincerely regret that it happened. Sorry, I didn’t want it to happen. I could never imagine that this situation could happen and I would get into it. I understand you have a pain in your heart and soul. He was the face of your family, the face of Kazakhstan. I regret that we have lost such a person. As far as I understand, you raised him from childhood, put your heart, so that he became a great man. I think that I must ask for forgiveness. And I'm asking you sincerely if it is possible. I think that the heavens could not receive a more worthy angel," he said.
The sentence will be announced on January 17 at 17:00.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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