Keksel was claiming testimony against Tasmagambetov because of elections - lawyer

Date: 15:06, 27-01-2020.

Almaty. January 27. KazTAG -  Olesya Keksel, former head of the service of special prosecutors of the prosecutor general’s office, was claiming Gulnara Musabayeva to testify against Imangali Tasmagambetov, former ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia and ex-akim of Almaty.
“I suppose that it was with the aim of getting land and in connection with the issues of the election campaign. We studied the materials of the criminal case, the 15th volume was devoted to Tasmagambetov. All these evidences are nothing but absurd. Personal assessment of the actions of the akimat was made, as it can lead to criminal prosecution, ” said Jan Kunserkin, lawyer of Gulnara Musabayeva.
He noted that the case of Algabas Development LLP , related to her husband, was initiated by the Economic Investigation Service, where Keksel worked before she started working in the prosecutor general's office.
In turn, Musabayeva confirmed that Keksel persuaded her to testify against Tasmagambetov.
“Unlawful methods were used against me, prosecutor Keksel urged me to give false testimonies and conclude some kind of agreement. Nobody  mentioned a procedural agreement. I asked what agreements, she replied: “Do you have any idea?” They also asked me to testify against Tasmagambetov. During the conversation, I was indignant why I should slander a person, I saw him only on TV, how can I slander him,  ”Musabaeva said.
She also emphasized that psychological pressure was used against her.
“I can also confirm that I was abused. Several times I was taken from the pre-trial detention center to the prosecutor’s office without lawyers under the pretext that they were busy or sick. I refused investigative actions. From morning to evening, for 12 hours I could stay without food, without water. During the conversation, Keksel asked if my husband would come to help me. I said no. Then she asked the following question: “For the sake of the children, will he come?” I realized that the bullying of my children would start. And immediately, fake cases were opened, ”Musabayeva said.
In addition, Musabayeva said that Keksel was threatening to confiscate the property of her close relatives, who had nothing to do with her husband’s business. According to Musabayeva, Keksel stated that "the prosecutor’s office will prove and you will be ashamed as you have caused so many problems to your relatives."
On May 23, 2019, KazTAG reported that Keksel stopped working in the prosecutor general’s office. The message spread in the social networks said that Kaksel was Kozhamzharov’s “protege”.
The authors of the message said that Keksel "headed investigation team in the case of former Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov."
“After the end of the investigation, Keksel had swift career promotion,” said the message.
In January 2018 Keksel was appointed as head of the service of special prosecutors of the Prosecutor General Office. In addition to the case of former Prime Minister Akhmetov, Keksel led an investigation team in the case of the former Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev, who was eventually sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Kozhamzharov became  deputy of the Senate in March, before that, from December 2017, he was the Attorney General of Kazakhstan. Previously, he served as chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Corruption Combat of Kazakhstan.
In November 2019, investigation was initiated against Keksel under Article 146 (1) (intentional infliction of physical and (or) mental suffering committed by an investigator, an interrogator, or another official or other person with their incitement or with the with their knowledge or tacit consent, in order to obtain information or recognition from the tortured or other person) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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