128 states introduced 314 reforms within a year- Doing Business-2019

Date: 16:49, 17-06-2019.

Almaty. June 17. KazTAG - Within a year- since June 2 2017 until May 1 2018 128 states introduced a record number of reforms improving regulations in the estimated fields, reports Doing Business-2019.
"Since June 2 2017 until May 1 2018 128 states introduced 314 reforms improving regulation in all the fields measured in Doing Business," reads the report.
The economies of the BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India and China) carried out a total of 21 reforms, mainly in electricity and international trade.
A third of all regulatory reforms — 107 rated — were carried out in sub-Saharan Africa.
The top 10 countries in the ranking have general characteristics of efficiency and quality of regulation, including  inspections of construction, automating the restoration of electricity supply during interruptions, guarantees to creditors in cases of insolvency of companies and automation of specialized commercial courts.
The time and cost of business registration decreased in 2019, on average, to 20 days and 23% per capita income compared to 47 days and 76% per capita income in 2006, the time for preparing, filing and paying taxes - from 324 hours in 2005 to 237 hours in 2017.
Kazakhstan was ranked 28th in the Doing Business-2019 rating taking a position between Thailand and Rwanda.

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