A number of people detained in area of Baiterek monument in Nur-Sultan

Astana. June 13. KazTAG - A number of people have been detained in the area of Baiterek monument in Nur-Sultan.
According to KazTAG reporter, he saw detention of four people, then they were released, later other three people were detained. Police were detaining people sitting on the benches or passers-by.
According to the witnesses, a bus full of detainees departed from Baiterek district. The exact number of detained people is unknown.
The fighters of the National Guard approached KazTAG reporter and asked to show documents, at the same time, they refused to show theirs. One of them shortly showed his documents covering his name with a finger. The reporter asked to show the document clearly, but the fighter refused.
Later, the reporter applied to Bakhytzhan Malybayev, deputy head of police department of Nur-Sultan, for explanation. He said the actions of the National Guard was a violation and promised to sort out the case.
The reporter talked to one detainee who was released. He lives in a house near Baiterek. A friend arrived to him and they decided to go to a shop, but they were detained by police in the yard of the house. He said he was taken to police, interrogated and released.

Photo source: picture from an open source