Abayev: Recommendations of ministry in time of massacre in Korday district was not an attempt of censorship

Date: 16:13, 17-02-2020.

Almaty. February 17. KazTAG - The recommendations to keep the official point of view given by the committee of information of the Ministry of Information and Public Development of Kazakhstan in the time of massacre in the Korday district was not an attempt of censorship, said Dauren Abayev, Minister of Information and Public Development.
"We don't consider it as censorship. You said the key word - recommendation. We recommended it in order to prevent escalation. There are no problems if you follow the recommendation," he said.
He added in case the recommendation is not observed, "there will be no claims to mass media".
"If you scream "kill, cut!" you will be brought to legal liability. If not, there will be no claims to you," he said.
In the evening of February 7, police in the Zhambyl region announced that the villagers had stoned a police car in the village of Sortoba, and later spread a message that a mass brawl occurred in the village of Masanchi. The press service of the police department of the region declared that the conflict was localized and the situation was under control. The official press release was sent by the police after messages appeared in the social networks that an ethnic conflict broke out in two villages.

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