Attorney for human rights proposed to direct draft law on meetings to UN expertise

Date: 12:38, 17-02-2020.

Almaty. February 17. KazTAG - Eugeniy Zhovtis, director of Kazakhstani international bureau for human rights and rule of law, proposed to direct the draft law on meetings to the UN expertise.
"We propose to direct this draft law to the UN expertise. Such expertise exists, last year they made expertise for the draft law of Uzbekistan which was rejected and the Government of Uzbekistan had to cancel it," he said.
He said the attorneys for human rights applied to the embassies of the states on which the authors of the draft law refer to.
"We addressed to the UN special rapporteur, we applied to the embassies of those states which were mentioned in that draft law so that they confirmed the things written in the law," he said.
In his words, the practice of organization of meetings, pickets and other similar actions have notifying but not permissive character in the developed states, while the law enforcement bodies provide safety of people.

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