Condition of one coronavirus positive woman is serious in Almaty

Date: 16:03, 27-03-2020.

Almaty. March 27. KazTAG - The condition of one coronavirus positive woman is serious in Almaty, said Tleukhan Abildayev, head of health care department.
"45 people are in satisfactory condition, one woman is in serious condition, she is on artificial lung ventilation. The child is in average state with tendency for improvement," he said.
He said all five diagnosed cases on March 26 were brought from foreign states.
"Out of five new cases, four arrived on flight Minsk-Almaty on March 26, two - on flight Moscow-Almaty, one came on March 15 on flight Istanbul-Almaty, the man was isolated as a contacted person and the first test was negative, the second test showed positive result on March 26," he said.
He said 1099 people, including 72 children are quarantined in hospitals in Almaty. 471 people are in the quarantine centers, 2037 are at quarantine at home. They are in stable condition.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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