Directors of kindergarten may be fined 15 MCI for accepting non vaccinated children

Date: 16:28, 18-10-2019.

Astana. October 18. KazTAG - Directors of kindergartens may be fined 15 MCI for accepting non vaccinated children, said Zahndarbek Bekshin, chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan.
"In compliance with our administrative code, if it is a kindergarten, parents are not fined. There is no administrative liability in respect of parents. We conduct explanatory work with the directors of the kindergartens, if they do not understand,  we send them recommendation. Then we check it. If they do not perform the recommendation, we send the files to the court. I know there is an article which may fine the head of pre-school institution to 15 MCI," he said.
The regulation may be empowered in 2020.
"First, it will be empowered when the deputies and the head of state adopt the code, naturally we will consider the appropriate normative acts," he added.
1 MCI = 2525 tenge.

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