Drivers of cars with foreign plates easily violate traffic rules - MIA

Date: 11:06, 22-01-2020.

Astana. January 22. KazTAG - The drivers of cars with foreign plates easily violate the traffic rules, said Marat Kozhayev, First Vice Minister of Interior Affairs of Kazakhstan.
"The cams recorded 27 000 violations committed by the drivers of cars with foreign plates in 2018, this number increased to 93 000 in 2019. What does it mean? It looks like the drivers of these cars believe that they are not on the database and they can easily violate the traffic rules. It creates danger on the roads," he said.
"As our citizens do not hurry to legalize these cars we started seeking for alternative ways to reveal the violators. We integrated our database with the database of insurance of cars of the National Bank. Now in case of violations, if a cam records the number of plates, we find the drivers of these cars," he added.

Photo source: picture from an open source

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